\"\" Pasadena Sunrise \"\"

Sunrise as seen from Pasadena, California, USA

Updated daily, there are 3 cameras that get the sunrise every morning. Now everyone can watch the sunrise in 40 seconds (120 times real-time) without getting up early.

The front eaves usually has the best view, but the garage camera (below) has a wider field of view and may be better. The front porch camera (farther below) does not see as much sky but does show the sun lighting up the trees.

Firefox: Seems to work with the exception that sometimes the pictures don't all come up without a page refresh
Internet Explorer: Shows a video player but that doesn't work. Clicking the .mp4 or .mpg link under the video player will bring up Media Player and play the video
Chrome: Version 23 works, version 22 doesn't.
Android: Works on my new S3. Doesn't work on older phones, installing Firefox should fix it.
Safari: I understand it works

On any system, clicking one of the links under the picture will download the video which can be played using your favrorite player. Video support in browsers is still kind of new and is a mess.

I'm working on it

Front Eaves Camera   Front Porch Camera   

Sunrise View From the Front Eaves Camera

Date Video

Front Eaves Camera   Front Porch Camera   

Sunrise View From the Front Porch Camera

Date Video

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